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-=Untitled=- -=Untitled=-

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This sounds like really cool stage music for a game. Im going to steal it!! Heehee.

LostVoices responds:


Tangled Empathy Tangled Empathy

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

If the Dragon doesnt mind....LOL

This song is bonkers. I love your style.
My favorite line:
If its about you, then its about you,
shut up bitch and eat your fish but dont forget to chew your food.

-+IG+- Hatred and Loathing -+IG+- Hatred and Loathing

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End of story...

I feel for whoever was on the recving end of this lyrical ass beatin. Nice shit man.

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InGenius responds:

That would be Lejin and X-kaliba of Gay-Gang right here on NG. And thanks for the review, though somehow I missed it back when you posted it. I appreciate it.


-+IG+- Untitled Beat -+IG+- -+IG+- Untitled Beat -+IG+-

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Diggin this...

I would rip the shit out of this beat homey!
Lovin it. You was def. in the zone when developing this beat.

InGenius responds:

Thanks. Yah, I get into a vibe and I just develop it out as best I can. I just finally captured a beat I been tryin' to get for a cat on here for a mixtape, I think I'm 75% done now after havin' beat block for a week or so on it. You keep doin' ya thing and don't even worry bout NG, real recognize real on this like any other and the haterz just get jealous.


PS: Feel free to rip on it if you want, no sweat for me. I don't post beats on NG that are gettin' sold, so ya'll do what ya want.